Modem Cáp Quang Buffalo BHR-4GRV

Thương hiệu: BUFFALO

Router Buffalo BHR-4GRV là dòng sản phẩm Modem Cáp Quang hoặc Router với sức mạnh vượt trội, ổn định và bền bỉ tải được 100 user. Modem Buffalo BHR-4GRV gồm 4 cổng Lan Gigabit, firmware tiếng Anh DD-WRT, chịu được lượng truy cập lớn tới hàng trăm thiết bị. Thích hợp cho công ty, văn phòng, hộ gia đình có nhu cầu số lượng truy cập truy cập cao. BẢO HÀNH 3 NĂM

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Tiêu đề

Access to home / company PC / NAS from a remote place

The devices in the house and the Internet are connected at high speed

Everyone shares the USB device to which the printer and the external HDD are connected

Share multifunction devices such as printers and scanners with family members

Multifunction devices can be used from multiple PCs with USB compatible multifunction devices

By connecting a multifunction device compatible with USB such as printer, scanner, etc. to this product, it is possible to use multifunction machine from multiple PCs. There is no need to move PC or multifunction machine.

USB HDD, USB memory is the home server (becomes a simple NAS)

"USB port" mounted on the back of the main unit

"USB port" connected with USB HDD, USB memory, silicon disk, card reader (SD card etc) is installed. It can be used as a network compatible HDD (NAS) which can connect data HDD with USB personal computer · digital home appliances. If you have easy-to-obtain USB memory, you can easily build a small-capacity home server. Difficult setting is unnecessary. Just by connecting the USB cable, HDD for USB can be NASed (patent pending). 
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Example of use

Please click on the image on the right and refer to the enlarged view for an example of use.

Media server function

■ "Media server" function that you can enjoy saved video · music · photo Function
from networked television, audio-enabled digital home appliances, video players such as <link theater> that connected video, music and photo files to HDD on the same network It can be enjoyed, it corresponds to "media server" function. You can save Hi - Vision videos taken at home and downloaded movies and enjoy them easily on the big screen of the living room.

Web access function

■ "Web access" function that can access HDD data from the outside "Web access" function which allows
easy downloading and uploading of HDD data from the outside via the Internet. It is useful in various scenes, such as when you want to reproduce or edit the data you've placed at home from a trip, or when you want to deliver video or photo data to a friend or family living in the distance.


The client software of "BitTorrent (bit torrent)" file downloading software widely used in the world where "BitTorrent" can be downloaded without a PC is installed in the main unit. You can download and save automatically on the HDD connected to this product without having to turn on the PC with large capacity downloading.

HDD sleep function

■ HDD can also be used for energy saving
"HD Drive · Sleep" function Equipped with "HD Drive · Sleep" function which can automatically stop HDD rotation when HDD connected to USB terminal is not in use for a long time. It can cut useless power consumption and usual noise and can be used more energy-saving and comfortable. When data is accessed, the rotation is automatically restored, so you can use it without stress.

Easy-to-use utility attached for simultaneous use with multiple

Attached easy-to-use utility

Attached to this product is a dedicated utility that considers simultaneous use of multi-user multifunction devices. After starting the utility on the PC you want to use, you can use printing or scanner. If there are other users in use, it is also possible to send a release request message to users in use.

BHR-4 GRV Part Names

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